What carriers does ABI service?

ABI has cost-saving programs with most of the largest insurance carriers across the United States, as well as their staff and panel counsel offices.  In 2016 this represented 1,496 direct bill clients. Contact your ABI Account Executive or Customer Service today to learn more.

Is using ABI’s retrieval service more expensive than doing it myself?

ABI has more than 35 years of experience retrieving records and establishing relationships with record custodians. With more than 90 schedulers on staff to set appointments to copy records and the largest staff of record retrieval specialists, ABI obtains more records faster, nationwide, and with less hassle for you and your staff. Additionally, ABI’s custodian “Direct Pay” service simplifies your workload and eliminates this timely task from your team’s day.

By partnering with ABI to retrieve records, your team will be able to focus on higher value activities that lead to faster resolutions and reduce the overall expense of record retrieval.

Do ABI’s services meet privacy and security laws by state?

ABI observes all federal and state privacy guidelines, including but not limited to material that may be referred to as individually identifiable health information, protected health information, personally identifiable information, and personal information. Electronic records are securely encrypted using an SSL connection.

What is the difference between ABI and its competitors?

ABI has more nationwide physical coverage and more years of experience on-boarding and implementing national cost-containment programs. This knowledge allows us to streamline the record retrieval process for our carrier and firm clients and eliminate the headache and hassle related to record retrieval nationwide. For more information regarding ABI’s record retrieval process, click here.

Unlike other records retrieval vendors or copy services, the value ABI provides clients doesn’t end with the delivery of records.  ABI has developed eSummary by ABI™, a web-based tool designed to eliminate frustration in the record review and analysis process. The tool also allows our clients to identify critical medical evidence faster. Learn more about eSummary now.

Does record retrieval make sense for my type of practice?

No matter the size of your firm, the process of record retrieval can be time-consuming. Learn more about the differences between the traditional and modern approach to record retrieval here.

What makes ABI’s record retrieval services and technology unique?

ABI has more than 35 years of record retrieval service experience. Unlike other record retrieval vendors or copy services, our sole focus is record retrieval and document management. The value ABI provides clients doesn’t end with the delivery of records. ABI clients have the ability to review documents in print or electronically, in chronological order, and organized by document type, which enables expedited analysis of the records. Additionally, when using eSummary by ABI™, clients can search all documents for a key phrase, copy and paste relevant text, and more. Learn more about eSummary by ABI™ now.

How many offices does ABI have, and in what states are they located?

ABI’s national headquarters is located in Loma Linda, California, and we currently have six regional headquarters throughout the country.

Regional headquarters are based in Loma Linda, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Springfield, Missouri; Houston, Texas; Garden City, New York; and Orlando, Florida.  These six regional headquarter locations and additional satellite offices service all 50 states nationwide.

Find the office nearest you here.