Reviewing and Summarizing Records is Tedious.

Every day, legal and insurance professionals are asked to accomplish more, but with fewer resources. ABI’s intuitive web-based tool, eSummary by ABI™, was created to take the frustration out of the tedious process of organizing, analyzing, and summarizing records. The result? ABI clients have more time in the day to focus on critical tasks, or even take a lunch.

Search Smart in Seconds

Find the needle in your haystack.

Search for a typed word or phrase throughout all documents and facilities simultaneously to pinpoint critical information using eSummary’s OCR search tool.

Escape the Manual Madness

Copy and paste critical information rather than retyping.

Simply highlight the relevant text on the page and it will appear in a custom note. As an added benefit, each note lists the date of service, name of provider, and type of document for easy reference.

See The Big Picture

View the complete timeline of treatment and sort records chronologically.

Using simple sorting and filtering options, review only the documents pertinent to the case or claim, such as reviewing documents for pre-existing conditions prior to the date of injury.

Access Key Documents in One Click

Open key documents referenced in your summary from any PC or mobile device.

Often, when you need a document, you need it immediately. With eSummary by ABI™, all original documents can be opened with a single click from your record summary document.

With eSummary by ABI™, Retrieving Key Data is Fast and Easy.

In a recent user test, participants were asked to find three specific pages in a stack of 250 documents.

What could you do with 100 extra minutes?

Traditional Search Methods
117 Minutes
eSummary by ABI™
14 Minutes

To Put It Simply

eSummary by ABI™ digitizes the time consuming summarization process allowing you to accurately organize and summarize records in half the time. This allows you to focus on the more critical tasks that lead to faster resolutions.

eSummary by ABI™ Mobile

Access critical information anywhere.

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eSummary Mobile

About eSummary by ABI™ Mobile

ABI Document Support Services offers our clients eSummary by ABI™, a web-based tool created to take the frustration out of the tedious process of organizing, analyzing, and summarizing records for legal and insurance professionals.

ABI clients can also securely share documents with any expert witness, insurance, legal, or medical professional via encrypted web portal or iOS device.

eSummary by ABI™ Mobile Features

  • Share documents and record summaries securely over an encrypted system to your mobile device, rather than by email or relying on the paper copy.
  • View Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, and a variety of other image file types easily on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Search the contents of all documents for specific key terms.
  • Easily navigate between documents with a swipe of the screen and zoom in for more information.
  • Search across all documents and folders for specific file names.

See eSummary by ABI™ in Action

Discover how to receive your documents in chronological order and organized by document type at no additional charge.