Order Records

Simply login at and complete ABI’s short order form. Input information such as claimant details, services requested (authorization, subpoena, or copy only), the types of records that should be retrieved, and the location of records. To reduce the time required to enter a new order, much of the form is pre-populated. Once your order has been submitted, the ABI Team will thoroughly review your request for completeness, and quality-checked orders will be uploaded into ABI’s record retrieval system.


ABI can retrieve records with client authorization or by subpoena. In the case of a subpoena, ABI will comply with all applicable state laws, regulations, and statutes in regard to subpoena preparation and service. Throughout the process, ABI is proactive in securing the earliest possible copy date.

Retrieve Records

For more than 30 years, ABI’s Record Retrieval Department has diligently worked to develop relationships with record custodians nationwide. This team sets up the appointment for ABI’s Field Team to copy medical, employment, educational, military, and all other record types requested as soon as the objection waiting period (if applicable) has passed. Because ABI has more physical nationwide coverage than any other record retrieval vendor, we can retrieve records more quickly and cost-efficiently. These savings are then passed on to our clients. Additionally, ABI has established secure interfaces with many providers, which expedites the retrieval process.

Process Records

Once the Field Team is onsite, records are scanned using high-volume scanners. Images are then sent electronically, over a secure network, to ABI’s U.S. based Production Team where electronic images are reviewed for quality and bates stamped. Next, documents are sent through ABI’s proprietary document review software where they are assigned a date of service, and document type, prior to an additional quality review step.

Deliver Records

Completed orders can be delivered to ABI clients in various formats, including hard copy, PDF, or burned to a disk. Orders are delivered via an FTP transfer to a claims or document management system, or into ABI’s proprietary review and summarization tool, eSummary by ABI™.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other records retrieval vendors or copy services, the value ABI provides clients doesn’t end with the delivery of records. ABI clients have the ability to review documents in print or electronically in chronological order and organized by document type, which enables expedited analysis of the records. Additionally, when using eSummary by ABI™ clients can search all documents for a key phrase, copy and paste relevant text and more.